Life is Eccentric.

​Growing up is sometimes filled with delusions and dreams, some of which are fulfilled and well for others, we realise that our minds have failed us.

It is so funny now to remember that we all thought we were welcoming victory all the days of our lives. Or perhaps there is nothing funny here at all, and it is only that victory itself happens to be the identical twin of defeat.

You know, always having a glass of wine with victory is sometimes bland. What’s the fun in routine? What happens to the quinessence of life – the concept of learning and getting better in every areas of our life?

Moreso, life will always strike a balance – some lose, some win. The truth is, defeat should be felt and victory should be mourned but defeat should not be regretted but learned from, though many at times we are livid at ourselves and situations that we blame for defeat.

But then these are times in our lives, that we understand that life is not always what we want it to be and that essentially, life is eccentric.

I leave you be…

 Words of seamless’may.



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