Grow OR stay stunted

​Why is there so many religion and very little love?

Why do we exist in an environment where there’s so much technological advancement and people still live in pain?

Why do we consume ourselves in the vague and shallow things and we forget the things that really matter?

So tell me why are we so consumed in ourselves that we don’t care about the next person?

Tell me why we spend so much in the love for money that we neglect our true selves.

Are we so entangled in the urge of being another, that we imitate the wrong things just to be accepted in the society?

 We sell our true selves for a penny just to be accepted by the people who care very little. Why?

  Money buys very little, it only gets you materials, it doesn’t get you love, affection,care then tell me why should you bury yourself for that. Money buys the temporary, money doesn’t define you. It is necessary, but do not sell yourself for money it brings so much sadness, pain, depression, regrets are the worst.

Learn to love, LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! 

YOU can love but you need to start with yourself, love yourself then you can love others! Love freely without expectations, sincere love is when you care freely without expecting anything in return from the one you care for.

 The Answer to our shallow society is love, love yourself today genuinely. Love isn’t being selfish it’s being selfless. When you understand the word selflessthen you can truely love freely.

 I know it’s hard! Oh God its hard! We live in an age where everything is staged. There’s so much bitterness in the world, so much hatred, so much pain, so much conflict. It’s sometimes consuming to be around all that. I get you.

But! But! It starts with you, it starts with how you treat the one next to you. It starts with how you respond to the next person. Smile at someone sometimes, you never know who you just saved doing that. Don’t forget to hug someone you see in pain.

  You can save a life doing the most little things. A change starts with you, starts with me, starts with us. It all depends on us all of us. If we decide to see the world in a positive direction or decide to remain a plant with a stunted growth.

  I leave you be….💝💝💝💝💞