Will the volcano stay dormant?…*

Do I get livid at the era, I was born into.

Or perhaps get swoon with joy.

They say as people get older, they learn how to adapt to life.

Do we adapt to the wrong things or man over them.

* sigh *, do we follow trends rather than create our own inventions.

It baffles me why an eleven years old should trend on Instagram or Facebook, for the most appalling things. I wite them not, when the one’s who call themselves parents poses as just a figure head. The name is a title for them, they never act it. Perhaps just a few do.

When we ourselves that claim to be adults, spend time showing off our lies to the world. And because the viewers are not entirely different, they believe and go to extreme measures to be that way. 

All for what “NOTHING”, “NOTHING” , “NOTHING”.

IF you think spending quality time imitating other peoples shallow lifestyle is being trendy, than I would rather remain staid.

Remain Staid and be free, Remain staid and be myself,Remain staid and live my life however I want to, and take responsibilities as an adult should.

So let’s ask ourselves one simple question today! Will the ” volcano remain dormant or perhaps erupt.”

Either ways are we prepared for the outcome. Let us not let our life, hopes and dreams erupt right in front of our faces, leaving us hopeless, dreamless and with sleepless nights. Because if we do not ignore what another thinks you should be like, what the society thinks about the way we should exist. We would only loose ourselves. Don’t waste colours today, there is nothing wrong with being different from the norm. Embrace who you are, and live your life as long as you don’t hurt others,life will accept you and with time the society will. But what would hurt more is having to wear a mask everyday and hiding beneath the shadows, it kills gradually.

 Yes I tell it does kill, your personality, your uniqueness, your joy , your mind, your whole being, your very existence, everything that makes you “you”, everything that makes you who you are.

So please throwaway that mask and let life breathe upon you, allow yourself live a little, give yourself a chance to mark a mark and change lives. 

I leave you be…

Words of seamless’may...
Word of the day ” Labialism”



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