Drama beats Celeste!

​ Sunsets are beautiful, that subtle glow they give, the soft warmness felt on the skin. It’s so amazing. Absolutely beautiful! Celeste always said. Ooh how I would love to be wedded by sunset, It’s an amazing feeling!

  It’s a beautiful Monday evening, the most busy time of the week. Because a lot of clients do call for massages. And since Celeste is the only one who can give aromatherapy, she gets more jobs on monday. Mondays are great days for Celeste, more jobs, more usefulness, more money. She just loved the act of being useful, and having a well spent day, by making a difference in someone’s life even if its by relieving them of pain. Celeste left for her first job by 4:45pm, kalakuta already sent the details through an SMS, the address lead her to a tall high black gate with brick fenced compound. She knocked on the gate ” who be that” a faint masculine voice asked in pidgin. Then there was an answer at the gate a very light skinned short, skinny man opened the gate and answered ” yes! Wetin you want”, Celeste replied “I’m here to massage Mr Ayman Ahmad”. He stared at her face for a few seconds, and then he gawked at her repeatedly and said ‘ha madam na you! They don they wait for you’ in pidgin English. He let her in by moving aside, and then walked her to the living room. On getting in she met a beautiful plus sized woman with a bindi on her forehead. And then she hugged Celeste and said to her ‘ sweetheart we’ve been waiting for you! Hurry we’re late?

  Celeste wondered why she said( ‘ we’re late’ who are the ‘we’, it’s only me and I’m right on time so, what’s with this woman! Well weird clients’ she said to herself.) She followed her up the stairs everywhere looked magnificent all white and gold. It looked holy, it looked spotless, she couldn’t even touch the railings, the fear of getting it soiled. Pardon me ” I’m Aliyah, and you are” the woman with the bindi said, ‘Celeste! Celeste replied, nice to meet you ma’am!. So her steps where very gentle on the stairways rather then when she ran up and than the stairs at home. They got to a room and it was painted pink and the interior design had a touch on purple on everything, the pillows the chairs the curtains all had a touch of purple. As they got into the room a woman tall black model looking ushered her in ” you are late” she said, ” and pretty”. And then she said ” come sit, we need to do your Makeup! They’re waiting” Celeste bewildered and said . “Oh come on Celeste there’s no time” just don’t say a word it’s normal to be confused ” said Aliyah. And then the model looking lady did her make up so fast and in 15minutes, Celeste felt like a different person entirely. Dressed up in Sari and makeup with red lipstick. Celeste tried to speak again but she was shut up again. 

 Soon she found herself in another room with two men, the younger looked biracial, average height good looking and looked subtle, and the older man looked a lot like the younger one but skin was whiter and more pale. A help came in with a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne with a couple of glasses. Celeste being fed up of the whole drama busted out saying, “what is all this, I’m only here to massage, not here for a movie audition”. They all gawked at her a few second and laughed, and the pale looking man said ” wow! You’re lucky son, she just met you and already she’s planning on giving you massages. Celeste was now so confused, “what’s happening, what’s going on! Celeste said,Aliyah replied ” ooouuu! Sassy, I love her already son. She’ll be a perfect wife”. Wife! Did you just say wife!. Celeste yelled in shock. Ooh, dear Ahmad help Celeste with some wine! Aliyah said.
 yelled in shock. Ooh, dear Ahmad help Celeste with some wine! Aliyah said.Ahmad filled the glass with wine, Aliyah handed it over to Celeste. Celeste stared at the glass, took her bag on was about walking out of the room when two muscular huge man, guarded the doorway. Aliyah said ‘dear Celeste I know how you feel I almost ran away too when I met Ayman’s father Ahmad, it’s only natural for the tension to get to you. So I prepared some bodyguard just in case. I see that we are exactly the same ” sweet!”

 Celeste walked back in took the glass of wine and gulped it all, and then nicely reached for the bottle and took a huge gulp of it. ‘Oh my goodness Aliyah, she’s just like you! That’s exactly what you did when we met’beautiful! Said Ahmad. Aliyah replied “yes honey,exactly! I love her already, fierce!

 Celeste thought to herself ( the perfect explanation for this is a movie , or comedy skit a prank by my cousin’s or something. Because this shit is fucking crazy,. So.I’ll play along, because I could be on TV right now, who knows).“So Celeste meet Ayman my dear son he’s a pilot with Qatar airways and so he travel’s all the time that’s why he’s still so handsome and single. But he’s amazing!”Aliyah said. Ayman replied ” hi, Celeste very nice to meet you, hopeful we can get to know each other better’.  ‘nice to meet you too’   Ayman! Celeste replied. Celeste your aunty said a lot about you ‘ Celeste replied‘ really, she did? She said quite a lot about you all too I guess!” Ahmad let’s leave Celeste and Ayman to talk some more! Aliyah said. “Sure honey” Ahmad replied they both left Celeste and Ayman to themselves.

Ayman:I’m half Nigerian and half Turkish! My father is Turkish my mum is Nigerian. 

Celeste: oh, really. Well I’m fully Nigerian?

“Celeste I’m so sorry about all these embarrassment ” Ayman said, “thank God somebody understands, that’s what I’ve been trying to explain to everyone. You did call  kalakuta for a massage didn’t you” Celeste replied. “Oh yes! I understand the act of forcing someone into a marriage because I am in such situation, and I really do not know what’s wrong with that man( Kalakuta) the therapist should be here by now! wait a minute’ Did you just ask if I called kalakuta for a massage!, how did you know about?

 Celeste: That’s what have been trying to tell everyone, but you a keep shutting me up? I’m supposed to be your therapist from Kalakuta!

 Ayman: Oh my goodness! Why didn’t you say anything? 

Celeste: ooh no, I tried, oh I really did try. Everyone was shutting me up, and your mum was crying to me tell me she doesn’t know if you’d fly one day and get lost in world. How she needs hope for you and bla, bla. It was hard to see her cry?

Ayman: really, it was hard to see her cry? How hard was it for you to say ‘ooh sorry I’m not who you’re expecting, I’m just a masseuse here on a job, and this is family business not my concern, my concern is my fucking job’ how hard could that have been?

Celeste: huh? So now you blame me, for being dragged into a confused environment, I didn’t know what was going on! Mr goody two shoes. You didn’t just expect me to go crazy and fight everyone. As a pilot I expect you to be exposed, opened minded and enlightened enough to understand that when you find yourself in crazy situation you remain calm. Which was exactly what I was doing, besides I thought this was a movie or comedy skit, or a prank who something. So please do me a favour and shut the fuck up!

Ayman: really you think, you an ordinary masseuse could be a famous star, just like that! How gullible are you?

Celeste: you’re just a proud arrogant man, I’m so filled with fret having to exchange words with you.

     At this point Ayman and Celeste are staring at each other in confusion, there is so much angry, confusion, eeriness in the atmosphere. The yelling from the voice attracted the attention of Aliyah and Ahmad. Aliyah busted in saying

Aliyah: Is everything alright we heard yelling.

Ayman: Oh, mademoiselle Celeste please do the honors and tell my sweet mother what the fuck is happening?

Celeste: You’re rude and stupid?

Aliyah: what! He’s a Royal you don’t use such words!

Celeste: That’s it all of the areallsick, I’m out.

  Celeste tried getting out, but the body guards stopped her. She yelledat them and started hitting them both on their chest to get out of her way.

Ayman: let her go, she’s a fraud!

Aliyah: What? What do you mean.

Ayman: oh, yes! Mum she’s an ordinary masseuse. She WS supposed to come massage me. I ordered for a massage at kalakuta’s and she works for him.

Ahmad: A masseuse! This is a Royal family my son will never stoop so low?

Aliyah: I’m so confused, I I I iiii…short of words.

      Celeste where red confusion and maybe tears, the embarrassment and unnecessary drama was too much for her to handle. She had never felt so belittled and lost. Her purse fell as she struggled with the body guards, she knelt on the floor and hurriedly pack her belongings into her purse.And ran down the stairs at this point she didn’t care about how graceful the stairways looked, or how careful she be with the wall not to stain them. She spanked her feet in a hurry on the stairways and touched the walls as she ran down the stairs. On getting down stairs she met an indian looking woman in  the living room arguing with the gateman, telling him how much the family is cursed. How are niece got into an accident because she’s being matchmaked with Ayman. And throwing a huge amount of money at him telling him she doesn’t want to be in a possession of a cursed money. And storming out of the house, the gateman hurriedly picked up the money and kept some on his pocket. He stoodup, stared at Celeste with a wide smile on his face saying in pidgin ” madam na condition make crayfish bend”( an adage in pidgin meaning in this context that “it’s because of my situation I’m stealing”). Celeste shook her head and walked out of the house. Getting outside the compound she stopped a motorcyclist and said to him. ” Take me home!, I say take me home “.

The man on the motorcycle stared at her with amusement ” na wa ooh, madam I don’t know your house ooh”.( really! I don’t know your house)

Celeste :I don’t care, just get me out of here now!

Motorcyclist: no walaha( no problem).

  Celeste left the premises and headed home, she stopped over at a liquor store and bought herself a bottle of tequila( silver). Got home played her favourite playlist mostly songs by “End sheeran” and “Chain smokers”. And then she said called her drinking buddy her cousin ” Rita” and Rita loves alcohol, the excitement on her face when she saw the bottle if tequila they danced and had shots finishing the whole bottle. To Celeste dancing has always worked for her, it has been her own way to letting out emotional, mental stress, confusion, sadness and hurtful feelings. 

 They both got drunk and blacked out, grnnnhh!grnnhh! Her phone rang.

It was morning, she managed to open her eyes but the call had cut off by then. 10 missed calls, all from kalakuta. “Celeste where’s my money, how can you not deliver my money or have you ran away with my money“… She couldn’t finish reading the text the light of the phone was getting to her eyes. She was having a really bad hangover.

Grnnh! Grnnh! Her phone rang again, it was kalakuta she picked the call. 

Kalakuta: So, you didn’t hear your phone ring? Sine yesterday you haven’t delivered the money? What is wrong with you? Is it because I told you you’re the best massage therapist I have? Don’t let it get to head? Give me my money? I need money. Because if you don’t bring the money today… 

  Celeste throw the phone underneath her pillow, and let the call on while kalakuta was still talking.

that man is such a girl” she said to herself.

 At this time the door bell rang, Lara answered to door and Alas! It was Ayman. 

Ayman: Hi, I’m Ayman Celeste forgot her wallet. May I see her, is she home?

Celeste, Celeste, Lara called. Celeste got up went to her door and bolted it.Mumbling to herself ” for goodness sake I have a hangover and I want to be let alone, is that so hard to ask, I’m sure she’s called me to help her make breakfast. I’m going no where”. And then she went back to sleep.*

Why do we keep wasting colour’s, we don’t have to be the same, we all don’t have to be good at the same things. Uniqueness is beautiful and should be embraced. 

All colours have their ways of affecting moods, and leaving a message and a combination of them brings beauty into light.

There is no fun in wasting colours, no fun at all!

There’s not much to learn on a plain white board, not much on that I tell.

So why waste colours and consume yourself in living like others and imitate the lifestyle of another. And burying what makes you “you”. What makes you different, what makes you unique, what makes you who you are!

If you’re one of those who have found it a norm to waste colours, change your lifestyle today. It sucks being lost in something that changes who you are for the worst or gets you stuck on one spot.

Stop wasting colours today!!

I leave you be..

Words of seamless may


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