Celeste ‘ drowned in dersires’.

    Celeste jerked up from her sleep, hurried into the bathroom and prepared for work with the hope that She’ll get a job today. She kept staring at her phone hoping that her boss will call for her service, it’s about 4pm and nothing; no call from her boss, no text messages from him she was a bit down spirited so she took a nap, within a few minutes her phone rang it was kalakuta! she was swooned. She picked up the phone eagerly and said “hello sir” with excitement and then he told her that she had a job in Yaba to massage a priest ‘ a priest!’ she exclaimed, her boss replied ” Yes Celeste a priest!” And then kalakuta sent her the address of the priest.

   On her way there, all she could think about was that she hopes the priest won’t ask anything funny like her previous client because it would completely change her faith as a Catholic. In an hour she arrived at st. Andrews Catholic church Yaba, when she got into the compound she panicked a lot her heart started racing as fast as an a man chased by a lion. She was directed by the security man to turn left he waited for her, he was in a short and a polo. She introduced herself as Celeste and his therapist for the day. He told her his name is “father Matthew ” and then they both went into his bedroom, Celeste fear grew when she entered his bedroom thinking about how it would completely ruin her perception about religion if he requested for anything funny, she thought to herself. Then father Mathew said to her ” see I hope you’re not here to just touchy touchy my body ooh, don’t just come and rub my body ooh. I already rubbed vasline this morning, I called for a massage because I’m a researcher I read a lot, and I haven’t been able to get any sleep even with meds so I hope this will work ooh. If not I’m not paying any 13,000 naira for just touchy, touchy”. Celeste was befuddled at his speech but then she replied him saying ” sir I’ll make sure I won’t just touchy touchy, I’ll give you a Swedish massage ” and then he replied “whatever that is, it better makes me sleep” . 

   Afterwards Celeste asked him to take of his clothes and then he insisted that he wanted his underpants on, she was happy with his decision with the thought that he was just might be different from the pervet clients. Celeste started the 60mins session of full body massage and then she thought to herself “should i punish him like Kalakuta said, since he’s Nigerian” then she started with deep tissue and then he said the pressure was a little to much but he liked it saying it’s “like sweet pain” and then yet again his statement left her befuddled, then she later added some Swedish which he liked very much. Then she spent a longer time giving him a scalp and head relaxing massage and that made him sleep off like a baby. After 10minutes she stopped and then he said ” ahn ahn! Nawa ooh, you know see say I dey sleep, do more, do more” and then she told him that a session is over and he begged for 30minutes extra so he could sleep more and then Celeste replied him saying he’ll need to pay extra for a scalp massage package for 4,000 and he said ” ahn ahnnn! that’s to much now, to just touchy touchy my head” and then she told him ” that’s it or nothing sir”. And then he replied “fine just do it” when she was done, he transferred the money to kalakuta’s bank account. She headed home afterwards, while she was in a bus back to Ogba ; where her cousin resides, her boss called and told her that there was a job at BLUE IVY hotel Victoria island she then took a bus to the hotel when she got the message containing the room number and the name of the client. 

She got to the hotel and asked the receptionist for Mr Raymond Smith at Room 007 and then she was asked to go to first floor. When she got to the front of the hotel room her heart prayed a fast prayer, hoping that the day will be free of pervert and then thought ‘oh well, at least his name doesn’t sound Indian, he’s probably British‘ and then she knocked, to her surprise a tall blonde reddish man was standing at the door. He said “oh hi I’m Raymond you must be celeste”, she replied “ yes sir I am” and then she walked in and she asked what his nationality was and he said he was German and that he’s a construction worker and he has been in the sun all day. She thought to herself that must be why he looks red, but then he was cute she thought to herself. She tried not to look hopelessly at his face, but her eyes failed her. The height, the hair, the beards, that smile, the perfectly arrannged set of teeth all that couldn’t be ignored. He was a like a golden trophy right in front of her. Those broad shoulders, he’s healthy looking stomach muscles’ everything about him was sexy’ she thought to herself. As she massaged him he kept smiling, she became so uncomfortable and started sweating profusely.  He was a bit chatty and then he said’ I told your boss to send a beautiful girl, I didn’t know he was going to send the most beautiful girl he has’ and then she was flattered for a second and smiled but she thought for a second ‘ oh my God! He must be another pervert’ she started the session with him and he was still so chatty asking why she isn’t a model or something and she told him that she was too shy for stuff like that and they make her uncomfortable. She was now looking very worried and stressed,  (yes she was stressed! She was caught between her desire to lkiss those lips and the thought that it could end badly. It was a fight, yes a fight! A fight between desire, wants and needs.)  He noticed how oddly uncomfortable she seemed, and he asked ” are you okay! you’re sweating a lot. But the the AC is on, and its on the lowest temperature”  (but no she wasn’t okay! Her rumbled her feet twitched she had that feeling of suppressing desires that were about to erupt. Could she consume them, or will they consume her?) And so she said, ‘please shut that beautiful mouth! Raymond was in shocked! And wanted to confirm if he heard her right” so he replied ” I’m sorry’ what! “. Celeste replied stammering ” I I iiii said you have beautiful looking mouth ” . Raymond was red with more red with appreciation saying “thanks” .

And then he asked how old she was and said to her “tell me more about yourself”  Celeste couldn’t stare at him any longer, she feared for what she was considering to do, she immediately excused herself to the bathroom. Looking at a reflection if herself in the mirror. She said ” What the fuck is wrong with you woman, he’s just a man an ordinary man. Now put yourself together “. She got back to Raymond, Raymond still having that smile. She sighed  ‘ ppttt now I’m getting tired of that’ she thought to herself.  “I’m leaving sir”  she said, “what are you doing tonight” Raymond asked. And she said to him ‘home with husband and kids probably doing laundryand he said but, but , buuutttt you’re only 23 how, hoooooooooww cooooo; never mind he stammered” and then he gave her the 13,000 and a 8,000 naira tip. Celeste! Raymond called, that man that’s got you’ he’s a lucky man. Celeste was so grateful but she wondered ‘ what kind of person he was and maybe it might have been wrong to shut him out completely and lied about husband and kids, at least that’s what Rita her favorite cousin would say’. Celeste called kalakuta if he was in the office, she went over there so she could get her own share of the money and give kalakuta his. But kalakuta was a bit crazy as usually especially when he’s dealing with money. It took a lot work before Celeste was able to collect the extra 3000 naira that father Mathew sent to him. Then he told her that he was going for a Yoni massage and then she asked what that was and then he said a vaginal massage and Celeste was extremely bewildered.

She thought to herself, “how many things does kalakuta really do” as a pastor he also gives yoni massages! Those are two completely different things. And then Celeste asked kalakuta what really is your passion and he said helping people in monetary ways, you gwaped at him for a while and said “monetary way”. He replied “yes! I love moni and who no like better thing” his words in pidgin. She looked at him with so much pity and said her goodbyes.

On getting home the first thing Rita asked was ” how much did you make today” Celeste replied “some money, why?” . Then Rita started sobbing, Celeste was so flustered and wondered what she said wrong. Until Rita spilled the beans ” erm erm e… it’s my boyfriend ooh, he has been caught by the police during he’s weed selling business, and now he’s locked up I need some money for his bail. I can’t leave without Tola he’s my world I love him more than I love sex itself, I mean I would trade orgasm for my love for him. That how bad it is, I’ll hurt myself if I can’t get him out, I love him more then I love my perfectly symmetrically round pointy boobs. I just love him soooo...” Then Celeste cut in throwing 7000 naira at Rita saying ‘ please shut…just shut it! I don’t want to hear anymore. Just take the money, take it! Just take it all, but please shut up…” And then Rita collected the money happily saying ‘your the best’, my Tola will be out of jail soon. Everything will be perfect again even my sex life, yay!! Rita said storming out of Celeste room to save her supposed prince Charming.

Celeste stared at the door which Rita passed through with so much fret and she said to herself. “Well my sex life hasn’t been so good lately, at least she has a sex life”.

    Thoughts ran through her head, thoughts of him kissing the sole of her feet , oh how that tickles her so badly that she loves it, and his hands alone doing the magic of making her shiver at fear ,  fear of being devoured, fear that nothing will be left of her. Fear that she won’t spend not one night without the thought of his touch. He’s body pressing upon her soft honey skin the contrast of his caramel supple skin upon her honey soft skin, lights up her mind and it was perfect. Especially the thoughts of him troding and gliding in and out of her. Made her long perfectly beautiful legs shiver.

Celeste, Celeste! Lara called, Celeste jerked out of her day dreams and went to Lara’s room, on her way she thought to herself. “Girl you need to get laid”.
“Yes! We all have desires, desires, we think of the good, the bad and the crazy. We are drowned in them atimes or they appear to be the hapaxanth in our lives . But then sometimes I wonder, only wonder if some of those desires will consume us. Or we consume it all, you never really know. Whoever is strong enough to consume the other ” You! Or your desires! Life is like a fast train sometimes you have to stay alert to not miss your stop. Perhaps we won’t, or maybe we will. Perhaps there is nothing for some of us at the end stop, our hope, spring of opportunities and achievement could be along the way. They say there is a sign, yes they! Is there really. Or do we wait on a fluke for help. Do we! Do we really”.

          I leave you be “words of seamless may”…

Word for the day “HAPAXANTH”.


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