Celeste! Celeste! !


All Celeste did was hope, hope that he could see beneath her scars. That he could see her heart bled. That he could see through the make up, mask she wears, through the smile she wears. Through everything. Would his eyes lit up enough to see through her and save her. Or perhaps he’s dwelling in his own pains also.

Celeste! Celeste! Lara called. You have refused to answer me, it’s 1pm and you’ve been sleeping all morning doing nothing.

Celeste: sorry had a bad hangover

Celeste unbolted the door for Lara to get in.

Lara: Hangover?

Celeste: yes! Hangover, had some tequila shots with Rita last night.

Lara: Really! Anyways some guy came looking for you this morning.

Celeste: oh, no. How did kalakuta find where I live? He most have checked the employment records. I am really beginning do dislike this guy, what the hell! Why would he come to my house to ask for money for a job I didn’t even do. He didn’t even care if I was doing okay or not. I’m so calling him to quit I’m done with this job! Hasn’t brought me any luck so far.

Lara: Relax Celeste, I don’t think it was kalakuta at the front porch this morning. Didn’t you say kalakuta was dark skinned?

Celeste: Yes, he’s dark skinned,average height and good looking but then he looks like a money lover.

Lara: Well this other guy is really good looking I couldn’t get my eyes off him and he brought your wal…

Celeste: ooh please! I’m sick of all these extremely good looking stalkers anyways. I told you to stop telling me about them. Tell them I don’t live here any more. The only thing they have to offer is their looks, they’re not very smart. It’s so disappointing to see someone look so handsome and have a numb brain, just so wrong. I don’t want to hear about these guys anymore they’ll only increase my depression.

Lara: Can just shut up! And listen to me and at least let me finish my conversation before you cut in! What is your problem girl?  But wait, did you say you’re depressed? When did this start?And I’m not aware of it?

Celeste: I’m so sorry if I sounded rude Lara, I’m just so sick of everything, I feel like I’ve lost my drive. I’m so scared of doing anything. I’m just so overwhelmed by everything happening lately, and the hangover is killing me.

Lara: Aww; my dearest Celeste come here( Lara hugs Celeste) you’ll be fine, your smart beautiful and intelligent. Life is only teaching you to be strong. Take things one step at a time they get clearer that way. I’ll make you some chicken soup to help with the hang over.

Lara forgot completely to let out the fact that it was Ayman Ahmed who was at the front porch with Celeste’s wallet. Will Celeste ever find out? 

Celeste! Celeste! Lara called. The soup is ready! Celeste hurried to the kitchen in only a towel because she just got out of a hot shower.

Celeste: ooh spicy! Just the way I like it. Thanks Lara you’re the best cousin ever.

Lara smiled and went to her room. It is now 7pm and Celeste decided to go for a walk. When Lara asked ” where are you going?” and Celeste replied that she was just talking a walk.

Lara: okay! I’ll bolt the door behind you. Celeste! Celeste! 

Celeste: yes Lara. 

Lara: It was a guy named Ayman Ahmed that came this morning and he brought your wallet.

Celeste: Did you just say Ayman Ahmed! Same Ayman Ahmed! The proud pilot guy!

Lara: He’s a pilot? I knew that guy was just so dreamy and charming. Sweet! He dropped he’s number, he asked for yours but I said I couldn’t give him without your permission.

Celeste: What! Come on Lara, you should have given him my number.

Lara: No way, you remember the last time I gave some guy you’re number, you went crazy and lectured me about ethics all day. That was why I called you to give him yourself.

Celeste: I don’t even know how I feel, I’m angry and glad. Urrgghh! I hate this feeling!

Lara: Haha ha, you’re having a crush or you like him already! Cool! He’s a pilot! Listen babe, if you don’t want him, I’m so interested I don’t mind the age. 

Lara said with a smirk on her face. Celeste stared at Lara and sighed, her imagination had ran wild of why he really came to see her. Different thoughts ran through her head. ‘ could he be that, he came to apologize and ask me out on a date’ no! ‘ maybe he just came to apologize and drop the wallet’ , ‘or perhaps he cane because he had a burning desire to see me again’. At this time Celeste was lost in thought and had a solemn smile on her face.

Lara: why are you smiling like that? What are you thinking about?

Celeste: Nothing! And I’m not smiling;  Celeste said in a hurry, and walked back to her room, then she went back to the living room to ask Lara for the number. She jump and her bed and cuddle her favourite feather pillow with thoughts of whether or not she should call Ayman. She debated on that in her head for 30 minutes, before then jerked out of her bed and picked up her cellphone and dailed his number.
Ayman Ahmed: Hello;   The calm subtle voice from the other end of the phone said.

Celeste: Hi, erm  ugghh, this is Celeste!

Ayman Ahmed: ooh hey Celeste, I don’t even know what to say. Or how to say it. That’s why I really wanted to apologize in person. I’ve been a total jerk to you. That’s so not me, I’m telling you. I guess I was just pissed because it took a lot of work for me to finally Allow myself meet some random girl my mum wanted me to meet.

Celeste: well, weird isn’t it. That I had to be that random girl. And I wonder is there  more to life itself.

Ayman Ahmed: what do you mean Celeste?

Celeste: I mean, so people would feed their minds with thought of the whole event being fated to happen, but honestly I think its just a weird coincidence. You know coincidence happens but the weird ones are so confusing. You know what forget I said anything. And apology accepted.

Ayman Ahmed: thanks Celeste. You know I can’t stop thinking of the fact that if I had met you under a better circumstance, I think we could have really hit it off. You’re smart and beautiful and cool. I’m so curious I want to know what make your brain tick. I’m hoping you’ll give me a chance to get to know you.

Celeste was blushing so hard, her face lit brighter that the morning sun. She instantly wished he could ask her out on a date. Perhaps he already did.

 Celeste: well, erm.. I really don’t know what to say, honestly. 

Ayman Ahmed: I just asked you out on a date girl , say yes! Please say yes!

Celeste: I would only accept a job, maybe it will end up as a date. I can’t say for sure. But that’s the only thing on the table. Are you going to take it.

Ayman Ahmed: you leave me with no other option Celeste, I’ll take it. I’m sure it will be a great time.

Celeste: Okay then pick me up by 6pm

Ayman Ahmed: Pick you up? I thought you said it wasn’t a date. Haha ha.

Celeste: No it isn’t! Fine send me the location I’ll be there by 6pm.

Ayman Ahmed: Definately, I’ll be looking forward to that. Sleep well, Celeste. And see you too.(” hahaha classic girl drama” Ayman thought to himself).

Celeste: okay you too.


After the call Celeste was swoon with joy,” I’m going on a date she cried out aloud, yay!, ooh I need to pick out what to wear, I need to do facials, I need to shave my legs ooh jeez I need to do a lot. Lara Lara! I need some help” Celeste cried out aloud.


It’s a rainy Tuesday, ooh how Celeste loves to watch the rain. The way it washes off all the heat, and the nice lovely calm breeze  that follows, she would say. Its 5pm and Celeste was already dressed, only getting some help from Lara for her heels buckle. It was 5:45


time to be on the move. She said her goodbyes to Lara. 

Lara: Bye sweetheart, have a nice date. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Celeste: oh come off it! I don’t really like the guy just a crush, and a crush can be crushed. He sort of has to accept me for who I am and be willing to support me with my dreams before I can go down that road. You know Lara it’s not that simple, I don’t think you can meet someone in a short while and all that can happen. So I’m okay, nothing will happen I don’t like him yet.

Lara: if you say so, but you know you truly can meet a guy and within a short while and you can really like him, if there’s so much genuine love, care and trust. It only takes one thing, being real. If you both are real and true to each other. Don’t be scared to be yourself, if he is real you could connect mentally, emotionally and even physically. Just be real, no need to hide. If he finds that wrong then he’s either a jerk or you’re not just compatible.

Celeste: wow! Never heard you talk like this. Thanks sweetheart.

Lara: you’re welcome and have fun. Love you.


She gets to the hotel reception at the desk she asked the receptionist, ” I’m here to see Ayman Ahmed , at room 60B. Can you help me with that “. And then receptionist told her it was the fourth floor. So Celeste took the elevator to the fourth floor. On getting there, her heart raced as she stood in front of a door with sign “Room 60B”. She knocked on the door, and there he was with that beautiful smile and that handsome face. Ayman on the other hand couldn’t believe his eye’s. So he stood there zoned out, still with that smile on his face. 

Celeste: Ayman! Ayman! Hello I’m still standing outside in front of your hotel room. Are you going to let me in, or you’re just going to stand there gawking at me?

Ayman Ahmed: oh my goodness, forgive my manners I’m just captivated by the way you look, I can’t even move. I can just stay here all night, this is a good view.

Celeste: haha, fine we better call it a night. 

Ayman Ahmed: ooh come on just teasing, come on in Celeste. You look so amazing. Those black, bold beautiful heels and that lovely red dress. And those eyes, damn! Have you come to make me loose control of myself? Haha, just kidding.

Celeste: funny guy, so we should start the massage.

Ayman Ahmed: Really? A massage in those heels. Come on Celeste! Let’s just call it a date.

Celeste: it’s a job first then we see how it goes.

 So he laid on the bed, and she started massaging him and then there was a knock at the door. The room service brought the wine. He offered her some wine and then she had a glass, and then he said to her ” oh, I thought you were going to say you are on some kind of diet” they both laughed. While she was massaging she saw some scars on his shoulder, and asked ” where did you get this” and he replied ” it a gunshot wound from when I was in the Turkish army” . Then Ayman said to her.

Ayman Ahmed:  Alright, wait just stop! Celeste my mum was right  I really needed a woman in my life , some that is smart, beautiful, intelligent and above all that we connect on so many level. Celeste we can jumb into different conversations and not be bored. The other day I came to drop your wallet, I don’t even know how I found myself on your front porch. I just felt so stupid for how I acted towards you and I had this burning desire to just see you again. And my mind was left with thoughts of who you really are. I really can’t explain what this feeling is, but I know that you’re someone I would love to be with. Someone that when I’m back from work I want to laugh with and end my day with. 

Celeste sighed, held his hand said to him “ooh Ayman” . And then gave him a peck on his left cheek. 

Celeste: I find you very attractive and can’t explain how I really feel either. But this all moving too fast.


And then she got up, picked up her bag and was on her way out. When Ayman hurriedly ran towards her, pulled her to himself and supported her waist with his hand saying ” Celeste please let me in”  and then tilted his head.

         The End.

Watch out for chapter 5, next week Tuesday. Will Celeste let him in, either ways let’s play with our imaginations.

Love Seamless’may.


Will the volcano stay dormant?…*

Do I get livid at the era, I was born into.

Or perhaps get swoon with joy.

They say as people get older, they learn how to adapt to life.

Do we adapt to the wrong things or man over them.

* sigh *, do we follow trends rather than create our own inventions.

It baffles me why an eleven years old should trend on Instagram or Facebook, for the most appalling things. I wite them not, when the one’s who call themselves parents poses as just a figure head. The name is a title for them, they never act it. Perhaps just a few do.

When we ourselves that claim to be adults, spend time showing off our lies to the world. And because the viewers are not entirely different, they believe and go to extreme measures to be that way. 

All for what “NOTHING”, “NOTHING” , “NOTHING”.

IF you think spending quality time imitating other peoples shallow lifestyle is being trendy, than I would rather remain staid.

Remain Staid and be free, Remain staid and be myself,Remain staid and live my life however I want to, and take responsibilities as an adult should.

So let’s ask ourselves one simple question today! Will the ” volcano remain dormant or perhaps erupt.”

Either ways are we prepared for the outcome. Let us not let our life, hopes and dreams erupt right in front of our faces, leaving us hopeless, dreamless and with sleepless nights. Because if we do not ignore what another thinks you should be like, what the society thinks about the way we should exist. We would only loose ourselves. Don’t waste colours today, there is nothing wrong with being different from the norm. Embrace who you are, and live your life as long as you don’t hurt others,life will accept you and with time the society will. But what would hurt more is having to wear a mask everyday and hiding beneath the shadows, it kills gradually.

 Yes I tell it does kill, your personality, your uniqueness, your joy , your mind, your whole being, your very existence, everything that makes you “you”, everything that makes you who you are.

So please throwaway that mask and let life breathe upon you, allow yourself live a little, give yourself a chance to mark a mark and change lives. 

I leave you be…

Words of seamless’may...
Word of the day ” Labialism”


Drama beats Celeste!

​ Sunsets are beautiful, that subtle glow they give, the soft warmness felt on the skin. It’s so amazing. Absolutely beautiful! Celeste always said. Ooh how I would love to be wedded by sunset, It’s an amazing feeling!

  It’s a beautiful Monday evening, the most busy time of the week. Because a lot of clients do call for massages. And since Celeste is the only one who can give aromatherapy, she gets more jobs on monday. Mondays are great days for Celeste, more jobs, more usefulness, more money. She just loved the act of being useful, and having a well spent day, by making a difference in someone’s life even if its by relieving them of pain. Celeste left for her first job by 4:45pm, kalakuta already sent the details through an SMS, the address lead her to a tall high black gate with brick fenced compound. She knocked on the gate ” who be that” a faint masculine voice asked in pidgin. Then there was an answer at the gate a very light skinned short, skinny man opened the gate and answered ” yes! Wetin you want”, Celeste replied “I’m here to massage Mr Ayman Ahmad”. He stared at her face for a few seconds, and then he gawked at her repeatedly and said ‘ha madam na you! They don they wait for you’ in pidgin English. He let her in by moving aside, and then walked her to the living room. On getting in she met a beautiful plus sized woman with a bindi on her forehead. And then she hugged Celeste and said to her ‘ sweetheart we’ve been waiting for you! Hurry we’re late?

  Celeste wondered why she said( ‘ we’re late’ who are the ‘we’, it’s only me and I’m right on time so, what’s with this woman! Well weird clients’ she said to herself.) She followed her up the stairs everywhere looked magnificent all white and gold. It looked holy, it looked spotless, she couldn’t even touch the railings, the fear of getting it soiled. Pardon me ” I’m Aliyah, and you are” the woman with the bindi said, ‘Celeste! Celeste replied, nice to meet you ma’am!. So her steps where very gentle on the stairways rather then when she ran up and than the stairs at home. They got to a room and it was painted pink and the interior design had a touch on purple on everything, the pillows the chairs the curtains all had a touch of purple. As they got into the room a woman tall black model looking ushered her in ” you are late” she said, ” and pretty”. And then she said ” come sit, we need to do your Makeup! They’re waiting” Celeste bewildered and said . “Oh come on Celeste there’s no time” just don’t say a word it’s normal to be confused ” said Aliyah. And then the model looking lady did her make up so fast and in 15minutes, Celeste felt like a different person entirely. Dressed up in Sari and makeup with red lipstick. Celeste tried to speak again but she was shut up again. 

 Soon she found herself in another room with two men, the younger looked biracial, average height good looking and looked subtle, and the older man looked a lot like the younger one but skin was whiter and more pale. A help came in with a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne with a couple of glasses. Celeste being fed up of the whole drama busted out saying, “what is all this, I’m only here to massage, not here for a movie audition”. They all gawked at her a few second and laughed, and the pale looking man said ” wow! You’re lucky son, she just met you and already she’s planning on giving you massages. Celeste was now so confused, “what’s happening, what’s going on! Celeste said,Aliyah replied ” ooouuu! Sassy, I love her already son. She’ll be a perfect wife”. Wife! Did you just say wife!. Celeste yelled in shock. Ooh, dear Ahmad help Celeste with some wine! Aliyah said.
 yelled in shock. Ooh, dear Ahmad help Celeste with some wine! Aliyah said.Ahmad filled the glass with wine, Aliyah handed it over to Celeste. Celeste stared at the glass, took her bag on was about walking out of the room when two muscular huge man, guarded the doorway. Aliyah said ‘dear Celeste I know how you feel I almost ran away too when I met Ayman’s father Ahmad, it’s only natural for the tension to get to you. So I prepared some bodyguard just in case. I see that we are exactly the same ” sweet!”

 Celeste walked back in took the glass of wine and gulped it all, and then nicely reached for the bottle and took a huge gulp of it. ‘Oh my goodness Aliyah, she’s just like you! That’s exactly what you did when we met’beautiful! Said Ahmad. Aliyah replied “yes honey,exactly! I love her already, fierce!

 Celeste thought to herself ( the perfect explanation for this is a movie , or comedy skit a prank by my cousin’s or something. Because this shit is fucking crazy,. So.I’ll play along, because I could be on TV right now, who knows).“So Celeste meet Ayman my dear son he’s a pilot with Qatar airways and so he travel’s all the time that’s why he’s still so handsome and single. But he’s amazing!”Aliyah said. Ayman replied ” hi, Celeste very nice to meet you, hopeful we can get to know each other better’.  ‘nice to meet you too’   Ayman! Celeste replied. Celeste your aunty said a lot about you ‘ Celeste replied‘ really, she did? She said quite a lot about you all too I guess!” Ahmad let’s leave Celeste and Ayman to talk some more! Aliyah said. “Sure honey” Ahmad replied they both left Celeste and Ayman to themselves.

Ayman:I’m half Nigerian and half Turkish! My father is Turkish my mum is Nigerian. 

Celeste: oh, really. Well I’m fully Nigerian?

“Celeste I’m so sorry about all these embarrassment ” Ayman said, “thank God somebody understands, that’s what I’ve been trying to explain to everyone. You did call  kalakuta for a massage didn’t you” Celeste replied. “Oh yes! I understand the act of forcing someone into a marriage because I am in such situation, and I really do not know what’s wrong with that man( Kalakuta) the therapist should be here by now! wait a minute’ Did you just ask if I called kalakuta for a massage!, how did you know about?

 Celeste: That’s what have been trying to tell everyone, but you a keep shutting me up? I’m supposed to be your therapist from Kalakuta!

 Ayman: Oh my goodness! Why didn’t you say anything? 

Celeste: ooh no, I tried, oh I really did try. Everyone was shutting me up, and your mum was crying to me tell me she doesn’t know if you’d fly one day and get lost in world. How she needs hope for you and bla, bla. It was hard to see her cry?

Ayman: really, it was hard to see her cry? How hard was it for you to say ‘ooh sorry I’m not who you’re expecting, I’m just a masseuse here on a job, and this is family business not my concern, my concern is my fucking job’ how hard could that have been?

Celeste: huh? So now you blame me, for being dragged into a confused environment, I didn’t know what was going on! Mr goody two shoes. You didn’t just expect me to go crazy and fight everyone. As a pilot I expect you to be exposed, opened minded and enlightened enough to understand that when you find yourself in crazy situation you remain calm. Which was exactly what I was doing, besides I thought this was a movie or comedy skit, or a prank who something. So please do me a favour and shut the fuck up!

Ayman: really you think, you an ordinary masseuse could be a famous star, just like that! How gullible are you?

Celeste: you’re just a proud arrogant man, I’m so filled with fret having to exchange words with you.

     At this point Ayman and Celeste are staring at each other in confusion, there is so much angry, confusion, eeriness in the atmosphere. The yelling from the voice attracted the attention of Aliyah and Ahmad. Aliyah busted in saying

Aliyah: Is everything alright we heard yelling.

Ayman: Oh, mademoiselle Celeste please do the honors and tell my sweet mother what the fuck is happening?

Celeste: You’re rude and stupid?

Aliyah: what! He’s a Royal you don’t use such words!

Celeste: That’s it all of the areallsick, I’m out.

  Celeste tried getting out, but the body guards stopped her. She yelledat them and started hitting them both on their chest to get out of her way.

Ayman: let her go, she’s a fraud!

Aliyah: What? What do you mean.

Ayman: oh, yes! Mum she’s an ordinary masseuse. She WS supposed to come massage me. I ordered for a massage at kalakuta’s and she works for him.

Ahmad: A masseuse! This is a Royal family my son will never stoop so low?

Aliyah: I’m so confused, I I I iiii…short of words.

      Celeste where red confusion and maybe tears, the embarrassment and unnecessary drama was too much for her to handle. She had never felt so belittled and lost. Her purse fell as she struggled with the body guards, she knelt on the floor and hurriedly pack her belongings into her purse.And ran down the stairs at this point she didn’t care about how graceful the stairways looked, or how careful she be with the wall not to stain them. She spanked her feet in a hurry on the stairways and touched the walls as she ran down the stairs. On getting down stairs she met an indian looking woman in  the living room arguing with the gateman, telling him how much the family is cursed. How are niece got into an accident because she’s being matchmaked with Ayman. And throwing a huge amount of money at him telling him she doesn’t want to be in a possession of a cursed money. And storming out of the house, the gateman hurriedly picked up the money and kept some on his pocket. He stoodup, stared at Celeste with a wide smile on his face saying in pidgin ” madam na condition make crayfish bend”( an adage in pidgin meaning in this context that “it’s because of my situation I’m stealing”). Celeste shook her head and walked out of the house. Getting outside the compound she stopped a motorcyclist and said to him. ” Take me home!, I say take me home “.

The man on the motorcycle stared at her with amusement ” na wa ooh, madam I don’t know your house ooh”.( really! I don’t know your house)

Celeste :I don’t care, just get me out of here now!

Motorcyclist: no walaha( no problem).

  Celeste left the premises and headed home, she stopped over at a liquor store and bought herself a bottle of tequila( silver). Got home played her favourite playlist mostly songs by “End sheeran” and “Chain smokers”. And then she said called her drinking buddy her cousin ” Rita” and Rita loves alcohol, the excitement on her face when she saw the bottle if tequila they danced and had shots finishing the whole bottle. To Celeste dancing has always worked for her, it has been her own way to letting out emotional, mental stress, confusion, sadness and hurtful feelings. 

 They both got drunk and blacked out, grnnnhh!grnnhh! Her phone rang.

It was morning, she managed to open her eyes but the call had cut off by then. 10 missed calls, all from kalakuta. “Celeste where’s my money, how can you not deliver my money or have you ran away with my money“… She couldn’t finish reading the text the light of the phone was getting to her eyes. She was having a really bad hangover.

Grnnh! Grnnh! Her phone rang again, it was kalakuta she picked the call. 

Kalakuta: So, you didn’t hear your phone ring? Sine yesterday you haven’t delivered the money? What is wrong with you? Is it because I told you you’re the best massage therapist I have? Don’t let it get to head? Give me my money? I need money. Because if you don’t bring the money today… 

  Celeste throw the phone underneath her pillow, and let the call on while kalakuta was still talking.

that man is such a girl” she said to herself.

 At this time the door bell rang, Lara answered to door and Alas! It was Ayman. 

Ayman: Hi, I’m Ayman Celeste forgot her wallet. May I see her, is she home?

Celeste, Celeste, Lara called. Celeste got up went to her door and bolted it.Mumbling to herself ” for goodness sake I have a hangover and I want to be let alone, is that so hard to ask, I’m sure she’s called me to help her make breakfast. I’m going no where”. And then she went back to sleep.*

Why do we keep wasting colour’s, we don’t have to be the same, we all don’t have to be good at the same things. Uniqueness is beautiful and should be embraced. 

All colours have their ways of affecting moods, and leaving a message and a combination of them brings beauty into light.

There is no fun in wasting colours, no fun at all!

There’s not much to learn on a plain white board, not much on that I tell.

So why waste colours and consume yourself in living like others and imitate the lifestyle of another. And burying what makes you “you”. What makes you different, what makes you unique, what makes you who you are!

If you’re one of those who have found it a norm to waste colours, change your lifestyle today. It sucks being lost in something that changes who you are for the worst or gets you stuck on one spot.

Stop wasting colours today!!

I leave you be..

Words of seamless may

Celeste ‘ drowned in dersires’.

    Celeste jerked up from her sleep, hurried into the bathroom and prepared for work with the hope that She’ll get a job today. She kept staring at her phone hoping that her boss will call for her service, it’s about 4pm and nothing; no call from her boss, no text messages from him she was a bit down spirited so she took a nap, within a few minutes her phone rang it was kalakuta! she was swooned. She picked up the phone eagerly and said “hello sir” with excitement and then he told her that she had a job in Yaba to massage a priest ‘ a priest!’ she exclaimed, her boss replied ” Yes Celeste a priest!” And then kalakuta sent her the address of the priest.

   On her way there, all she could think about was that she hopes the priest won’t ask anything funny like her previous client because it would completely change her faith as a Catholic. In an hour she arrived at st. Andrews Catholic church Yaba, when she got into the compound she panicked a lot her heart started racing as fast as an a man chased by a lion. She was directed by the security man to turn left he waited for her, he was in a short and a polo. She introduced herself as Celeste and his therapist for the day. He told her his name is “father Matthew ” and then they both went into his bedroom, Celeste fear grew when she entered his bedroom thinking about how it would completely ruin her perception about religion if he requested for anything funny, she thought to herself. Then father Mathew said to her ” see I hope you’re not here to just touchy touchy my body ooh, don’t just come and rub my body ooh. I already rubbed vasline this morning, I called for a massage because I’m a researcher I read a lot, and I haven’t been able to get any sleep even with meds so I hope this will work ooh. If not I’m not paying any 13,000 naira for just touchy, touchy”. Celeste was befuddled at his speech but then she replied him saying ” sir I’ll make sure I won’t just touchy touchy, I’ll give you a Swedish massage ” and then he replied “whatever that is, it better makes me sleep” . 

   Afterwards Celeste asked him to take of his clothes and then he insisted that he wanted his underpants on, she was happy with his decision with the thought that he was just might be different from the pervet clients. Celeste started the 60mins session of full body massage and then she thought to herself “should i punish him like Kalakuta said, since he’s Nigerian” then she started with deep tissue and then he said the pressure was a little to much but he liked it saying it’s “like sweet pain” and then yet again his statement left her befuddled, then she later added some Swedish which he liked very much. Then she spent a longer time giving him a scalp and head relaxing massage and that made him sleep off like a baby. After 10minutes she stopped and then he said ” ahn ahn! Nawa ooh, you know see say I dey sleep, do more, do more” and then she told him that a session is over and he begged for 30minutes extra so he could sleep more and then Celeste replied him saying he’ll need to pay extra for a scalp massage package for 4,000 and he said ” ahn ahnnn! that’s to much now, to just touchy touchy my head” and then she told him ” that’s it or nothing sir”. And then he replied “fine just do it” when she was done, he transferred the money to kalakuta’s bank account. She headed home afterwards, while she was in a bus back to Ogba ; where her cousin resides, her boss called and told her that there was a job at BLUE IVY hotel Victoria island she then took a bus to the hotel when she got the message containing the room number and the name of the client. 

She got to the hotel and asked the receptionist for Mr Raymond Smith at Room 007 and then she was asked to go to first floor. When she got to the front of the hotel room her heart prayed a fast prayer, hoping that the day will be free of pervert and then thought ‘oh well, at least his name doesn’t sound Indian, he’s probably British‘ and then she knocked, to her surprise a tall blonde reddish man was standing at the door. He said “oh hi I’m Raymond you must be celeste”, she replied “ yes sir I am” and then she walked in and she asked what his nationality was and he said he was German and that he’s a construction worker and he has been in the sun all day. She thought to herself that must be why he looks red, but then he was cute she thought to herself. She tried not to look hopelessly at his face, but her eyes failed her. The height, the hair, the beards, that smile, the perfectly arrannged set of teeth all that couldn’t be ignored. He was a like a golden trophy right in front of her. Those broad shoulders, he’s healthy looking stomach muscles’ everything about him was sexy’ she thought to herself. As she massaged him he kept smiling, she became so uncomfortable and started sweating profusely.  He was a bit chatty and then he said’ I told your boss to send a beautiful girl, I didn’t know he was going to send the most beautiful girl he has’ and then she was flattered for a second and smiled but she thought for a second ‘ oh my God! He must be another pervert’ she started the session with him and he was still so chatty asking why she isn’t a model or something and she told him that she was too shy for stuff like that and they make her uncomfortable. She was now looking very worried and stressed,  (yes she was stressed! She was caught between her desire to lkiss those lips and the thought that it could end badly. It was a fight, yes a fight! A fight between desire, wants and needs.)  He noticed how oddly uncomfortable she seemed, and he asked ” are you okay! you’re sweating a lot. But the the AC is on, and its on the lowest temperature”  (but no she wasn’t okay! Her rumbled her feet twitched she had that feeling of suppressing desires that were about to erupt. Could she consume them, or will they consume her?) And so she said, ‘please shut that beautiful mouth! Raymond was in shocked! And wanted to confirm if he heard her right” so he replied ” I’m sorry’ what! “. Celeste replied stammering ” I I iiii said you have beautiful looking mouth ” . Raymond was red with more red with appreciation saying “thanks” .

And then he asked how old she was and said to her “tell me more about yourself”  Celeste couldn’t stare at him any longer, she feared for what she was considering to do, she immediately excused herself to the bathroom. Looking at a reflection if herself in the mirror. She said ” What the fuck is wrong with you woman, he’s just a man an ordinary man. Now put yourself together “. She got back to Raymond, Raymond still having that smile. She sighed  ‘ ppttt now I’m getting tired of that’ she thought to herself.  “I’m leaving sir”  she said, “what are you doing tonight” Raymond asked. And she said to him ‘home with husband and kids probably doing laundryand he said but, but , buuutttt you’re only 23 how, hoooooooooww cooooo; never mind he stammered” and then he gave her the 13,000 and a 8,000 naira tip. Celeste! Raymond called, that man that’s got you’ he’s a lucky man. Celeste was so grateful but she wondered ‘ what kind of person he was and maybe it might have been wrong to shut him out completely and lied about husband and kids, at least that’s what Rita her favorite cousin would say’. Celeste called kalakuta if he was in the office, she went over there so she could get her own share of the money and give kalakuta his. But kalakuta was a bit crazy as usually especially when he’s dealing with money. It took a lot work before Celeste was able to collect the extra 3000 naira that father Mathew sent to him. Then he told her that he was going for a Yoni massage and then she asked what that was and then he said a vaginal massage and Celeste was extremely bewildered.

She thought to herself, “how many things does kalakuta really do” as a pastor he also gives yoni massages! Those are two completely different things. And then Celeste asked kalakuta what really is your passion and he said helping people in monetary ways, you gwaped at him for a while and said “monetary way”. He replied “yes! I love moni and who no like better thing” his words in pidgin. She looked at him with so much pity and said her goodbyes.

On getting home the first thing Rita asked was ” how much did you make today” Celeste replied “some money, why?” . Then Rita started sobbing, Celeste was so flustered and wondered what she said wrong. Until Rita spilled the beans ” erm erm e… it’s my boyfriend ooh, he has been caught by the police during he’s weed selling business, and now he’s locked up I need some money for his bail. I can’t leave without Tola he’s my world I love him more than I love sex itself, I mean I would trade orgasm for my love for him. That how bad it is, I’ll hurt myself if I can’t get him out, I love him more then I love my perfectly symmetrically round pointy boobs. I just love him soooo...” Then Celeste cut in throwing 7000 naira at Rita saying ‘ please shut…just shut it! I don’t want to hear anymore. Just take the money, take it! Just take it all, but please shut up…” And then Rita collected the money happily saying ‘your the best’, my Tola will be out of jail soon. Everything will be perfect again even my sex life, yay!! Rita said storming out of Celeste room to save her supposed prince Charming.

Celeste stared at the door which Rita passed through with so much fret and she said to herself. “Well my sex life hasn’t been so good lately, at least she has a sex life”.

    Thoughts ran through her head, thoughts of him kissing the sole of her feet , oh how that tickles her so badly that she loves it, and his hands alone doing the magic of making her shiver at fear ,  fear of being devoured, fear that nothing will be left of her. Fear that she won’t spend not one night without the thought of his touch. He’s body pressing upon her soft honey skin the contrast of his caramel supple skin upon her honey soft skin, lights up her mind and it was perfect. Especially the thoughts of him troding and gliding in and out of her. Made her long perfectly beautiful legs shiver.

Celeste, Celeste! Lara called, Celeste jerked out of her day dreams and went to Lara’s room, on her way she thought to herself. “Girl you need to get laid”.
“Yes! We all have desires, desires, we think of the good, the bad and the crazy. We are drowned in them atimes or they appear to be the hapaxanth in our lives . But then sometimes I wonder, only wonder if some of those desires will consume us. Or we consume it all, you never really know. Whoever is strong enough to consume the other ” You! Or your desires! Life is like a fast train sometimes you have to stay alert to not miss your stop. Perhaps we won’t, or maybe we will. Perhaps there is nothing for some of us at the end stop, our hope, spring of opportunities and achievement could be along the way. They say there is a sign, yes they! Is there really. Or do we wait on a fluke for help. Do we! Do we really”.

          I leave you be “words of seamless may”…

Word for the day “HAPAXANTH”.

Celeste is back!!

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