The flame in the rain*…

Take a look around you, what do you see?

A life full of hope, or a life with regrets, a life full of fun, a soulful life, a livid stream, a pretty hill, a crooked path. What do you see?
I see a lonely Delta ,walking on a crooked path meet a life full of hope and becomes a smiling river. Life is uncertainty that I’m sure of, you never know, a lonely Delta can by tomorrow be a joyful ocean. You really can’t say. 
What path do you see yourself on , a crooked or straight path. But know this, life is not always crooked or straight it can be slanted. The same way not everything is black and white it can grey… Grey, grey, grey she doesn’t stay around much, so maybe it will be sage to pick between white and black. Grey is complicated, sometimes you get tired of her. So yes perhaps sometimes choosing between black and white is the shrewdest thing. Living with “regret” is the worst, sometimes it breeds secret the other half. But then secrets have weight the more you keep, the harder it is to keep moving on. They weigh you down, my defination of a free man, is one who has no secrets or has no one to care about. A man who is alone, a lonely island. But then you don’t find that everywhere “do you”.
Even if we are not so free men, we are still able to make choices. So do not settle for less or regret. Even if you’re so much a rebuked Delta, there is still hope that you can be a plausible Ocean, patience is needed sometimes to build and grow. Though sparks can fly but can flame do the same, and so there are the headstrong flames that refuse to give up because they know what they want. What are you?. 
So sometimes I find myself intrigued by “the flame in the rain”.
I leave you be….
Words of seamless ‘may…
PIQUED – Word for today.


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