The believe that “the leaves will stay green”…

Takes the power of happiness in your own hands. Gratitude and hope are the two key to happinessbeing thankful for the little you have , for the obstacles you’ve overcomed, the trials and tribulations you’ve survived, and lived and still living to tell.
Hope” believing that even though times are hard or might be difficult. That you will and you MUST survive and breakthrough and it’s all for a little while, that it will definitely get better. Graditude that you still have life in you and so you can still hope for a positive changeSadnesscoldnesslividity,and wite, they all emmit negative energy. The truth is other people you see, that seem fine and happy on the outside, many a times it’s only a mask and they have their own issues too, and they do not feel any different from you, so they are desperately looking for warmthacceptanceloving and less dramatic people to be with especially when their masks wear off. Everyone want to be around people that do not emmit so much coldness, anger, and do not wear their problems everyday, every time, and everywhere. You should try not to be filled with fret all the time or be sardonic, and try not to be irked by other people‘s success. Everybody deserves to be treated nicely and appreciated.
So if you find your self in this situation, get over yourself and “believe“. Most people that are consumed by anger and dole have lost faith and have stopped believing. So at try to at least believe that “the trees will stay green.                                                        I leave you be…

Words of seamless ‘may…

Ebullience“- word for the day.








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