The leaves go “grey”*…

How does a beautiful, blissful, graceful flower grow thorns? How does that ever happen?
How do we see beauty, love, kindness and still take a stroll with, sadness, pain, wickedness? Is it being human or being shallow?

How is it that we neglect the truth, and accept lies, heartbreaks and dole filled life? Is it being curious or being stupid?

Perhaps we are just designed to sometimes find the wrong things “Plausive” and the good things “bland“.

And why is it that sometimes we try so hard to fight evil and live right, but we find ourselves sharing a glass of wine with evil itself. Perhaps it’s a “conation“.

These questions have no exact answer because, there are times we find ourselves in a state of dilemma. Curiosity is a natural human drive. Many a times we design some sort of defense mechanism to curb our human drive. But then what happens when curiosity kills the cat.

Then we are left with faith, one of the least realistic patterns of life. Those that believe in God or gods ask for some kind of miracle, those that believe in will power hold on to it, those who believe basically in the concept of good and evil, hope for a change, those who believe in philosophy find a reason to stay strong. Everyone relies on their faith or whatever they believe in, to make them stronger. Faith helps sometimes because it gives hope, though when it’s abused there is no moving forward.

Yes, life is confusing sometimes and the impossible sometimes become the possible. But that’s the fun in it, not being able to predict everything. Though It sucks sometimes, when things don’t work out as you’ve planned them to. But then it’s life, somethings remain mystical, and we are married to thoughts of how “the leaves go grey“.

I leave you be…

Words of seamless ‘may…

“CONATION”- word for today…


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