Why wite fate*….

Sometimes I get angry with life for existing in this judgemental and shallow world, and era. I strongly felt life would be a lot easier if I existed in the era when things that really mattered mattered. But then the same me get grateful for existing when something awesome happens, or I meet someone terrific.

It is not true that the world is exactly shallow and sick, nor is it true that the world is beautiful and perfect, basically it’s just a little bit of everything.Though I know that we all might concede to the fact that there are indeed good times and bad times, but there are normal times when things stay sane and stable. It sucks not to be in control sometimes, but its okay not to be in control sometimes, it’s okay not to happy sometimes, it’s alright to be sober, sad, or depressed sometimes.

But it is not okay to stay in those situations, it is not okay not to move on and let you life remain stagnant,and so many drama, favour and goodies walk over you and by the time you jerk back to reality you discover that you just missed the bus. That would suck wouldn’t it, you might console yourself and say you’ll take the next bus, but then you do not know if that would be forthcoming. It is not okay for you to do nothing, you need to evince a place in life, quit being a “FLOTSAM” .

Yes life is not always what we want it to be or doesn’t always appear the way we want it to. But then there are is Something called “moving on” it’s okay to be livid with life, because of the situation we find ourselves in or perhaps because of the way our lives have turned out to be. But it is not okay to STAY livid. So life is what we make of it. Being happy or sad is not a choice, but staying happy or sad IS.

The truth of it all is Time is a Quinessence of life and it never baised, he would keep moving irrespective of whatever reputation or status you occupy. Some people say time can be bought, but only for a while you see, only for a while. We sometimes believe that things are fated to happen, but then ” WHY WITE FATE “for your existence. She’s only a Soldier who follows orders, but then we are an army 

I leave you be…

  Words of seamless may.




  1. anonymous · July 7, 2016

    *Thumbs up*

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  2. christhebigman91 · July 11, 2016

    Great use of imagery, you write with a poetic touch, very inspiring.

    Liked by 1 person

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