Shield the salt from the rain…*

Children are essential, they are beautiful beings that we produce to re-write our future, to be better than us. They are a product of our existence love and lifehaving a child can make a cold heart warm, having a child can completely change a cynic into a believer. A child creates hope, faith and can completely make a person be swoon about their existence and life. A child is an existence of our own being, and a continuation of one’s history. A child poses as a future, a hope , a better us. 
Children are beings with no worriesalways chirpyrarely sad. They bring light and add colour to our world. But when you have such beautiful creatures and you cannot or refuse to the train them into what you truly want them to bethen you have failed! Whether you have a successful business and you stuck a house full of money, all those material things can fade away with a blink of an eye. What a creature like that deservesis an ocean full of love, and while growing up. when he (she) begins to loose his(her) innocence, because life would strip that off one way or another. Perhaps the innocence fades away because they grow and life robbs them of it, though life gives but it also steals. A thief that’s what life is. A thief that steals with pride, without shame and with authority. As parents we are supposed guardian angels, because most of us has had our own share fair of painheartache and joy. We are meant to stand tall and help guide the young lambsnot make rules all the time or neglect. Some of us curb our kids too much and seclude them from the world, some of us do it out of lovewell while others because of what people might think. But it definately will backfire, for how long can you curb a being not an object and besides one that’s full of life
Also children are our heritage how can you neglect someone of great importance and qualitydue to things that maybe matter but are not important. You neglect your child, because of your business. You threw away an entire estate of gold for a piece of silver. Everyone knows that gold has to go through fire before it glittersso why neglect that for a piece of silver, we all know silver goes through fire to glitter. Some what sense does it make, when after all you’ll be going through the same process. What sense is their in abandoning something that’s worth more for a single piece of silver
Yes! it won’t be easy all the time but we need to take a long look at our lives, and try to balance between the things that are more important and those that are less. Between the things that matter and those that really matter, to learn to differentiate between our wants and needs.
We neglect a gift given with love, for things that can all go away in a secondPerhaps that’s why only a few in this generation have real love inside of them or experience real and sincere lovecompared to past generations. Because we call ourselves parents and we couldn’t care less, if someone that we call our life and our futureis in disarrayJust for our selfish interest, and because we have become so selfish, shallow mindedmyopic and unreasonableUnreasonable because what reasonable person, ignores a being of such great value for a mere objectsNow we spend our time trying to impresspeople who don’t care and forget those that truly care.
Take a look at this generation, and ask yourself how many kidsteenagers are clean enough not to have the stain of guilt on them. Do you wite them, how do you think a lost lamb would act without the help of it’s mother, flustered! That’s exactly how it would actWell, you grown ups, always explain your disgust for how children of this generation has turned out, and you forget that you were once soft mesh of blood bursting through mother holes and yes! You grew with time, but at those times you needed guardiance to grow properly . But then what have you done to prevent this, or change the flustered lives of this beautiful creatures. Than spending quality time complaining and getting livid. What have you done to make a change rather that wite the young and flustered.
Life is short that we know, and so being happy is a necessity. We might be sad sometimes but then life is too short to stay sad. So it is very irking to see someoneso young struggling with life and missing out on the quiescence of being a child and growing up, because of a failed and selfish parent. So I urge you pull off those shades, or jerk from your slumber and open your eyes to the reality which is to “shield the salt from the rain, these young beings are like salt they add taste to our lives, but we all know water can terminate the existence of salt.

I leave you be…

Words of seamless ‘may…

Word for the day- INCONGRUOUS


Don’t let the “SUN” stay bruised*…

Violence is any action intended to cause destruction, pain or suffering. It could be physical, verbal or emotional. Who comes to mind when we hear DOMESTIC VIOLENCE? ……….. WOMEN. Although Women are the most common victims of domestic violence, we are truthfully not the only victims

One early morning, I came across a poem pasted on the window of some store front while I was serving the father land. The paper on which it was typed was tattered and rough but the words written on it never faded. And its title; THE IRRITATING COMPANION still stood gallant. Most people there could have easily overlooked it but I couldn’t not because I knew what was written on it, but because something so odd couldn’t have passed my curious eyes. The poem goes thus;

Whenever I wake in the morning

That I will set my eyes on my companion

Her presence will often disgust my sight

That sadness and anger will become my immediate plight.
. This has become my often habit

Especially when I have no penny in my pocket

For she will always need money

To make her body as sweet as honey

And when I will not provide it

Then she must nag me all night.
I have never liked her attitude

No matter the weather or altitude

And she will always plague my life

With her tongue that will often be as sharp as a butcher knife.
She often compares me to my friend John Bull

Telling me that is bank account is fat

That mine is as empty as a dry pool

Then she would reply to me as a poor church rat.
For these, I have never been happy

Staying or being together with her

For her behavior will always be nasty

Making my body temperature higher.
And now I have gone hiding

In a distance far away land

Where she can never find me

Or see my face that is now smiling.
I have no clue of who wrote this sad but beautiful poem. But his words are words of hurt, pain and heartbreak. His irritating companion as he so meekly put it didn’t do what every woman should do for their partners; BUILD HIM instead she broke him. Nagging is a form of verbal domestic abuse. And a few percentage of men in the world have to live through this. When words of discouragement and disappoinment are being rained down it kills the Ego be you man woman or child. Hurtful words from those you love knows not who you are. It comes crashing down and crushes your soul. Men are naturally egocentric and when subdued in an abusive relationship it kills their ego slowly. It lowers their self esteem and belittles them. Nobody likes a nagger. Nobody likes to be belittled. We have but two choices, we either MAKE or BREAK our man.

All men are not the same, some stronger than others. some the tenacity of their endurance knows no bounds and others just simply lack it. Dosmetic violence I believe is a Cycle. GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT. Nagging women sometimes dig their own graves. It is just a matter of time before their partner snaps. Some men after being subdued to verbal violence endures and well becomes miserable until he leaves the TOXIC relationship like our ANONYMOUS writer. Others less enduring would beat the living day light out of their partners, with the hopes that they would beat it out of her system or maybe, just maybe it feels good to hurt her back.

But you don’t nag you begin to say, you love him, you care for him, you support him but still you are his personal punching bag. Beautiful lady, I urge you to get out fast. You owe him nothing, well not your life at least. Some men after being faced with utter frustration at work or outside their relationship they bring it all back in. He thinks beating on his partner makes him strong and more in control whereas He is timid and insecure. He has no control out in the world, He is not happy at work, His boss gives him shit or worst still he doesn’t even have a job. His friends are smater, better looking and happier. Things are not going his way. He is a sore loser, he is angry and frustrated. He comes home and takes it out on you. He sees you and thinks i should have control here, she is weaker(physically ofcourse). He beats on you like the monsters haunting him would go up in flames. GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT. Save yourself and get out of the toxic relationship, you definitely can do better.Don’t wait till you have been crippled. Domestic violence is a cycle but it can be broken. Just like a chain, it has a weak link. You just got to get out. And always remember, You are strong, you are smart, you are beautiful.

Domestic abuse can be physical or mental abuse, if you are in a relationship with someone who does not respect your decision, your dream , your opinion. Then why settle for less, why settle for someone who would gradually kill your self esteem. Life is short, it makes no sense spending quality time being unhappy. Whether you’re a male or female, though we might be different in body structure, sense of reasoning. But we all have one heart, one soul, one life. Everyone deserves to be happy, they say happiness is a choice that’s a lie. It is a Paramount , I wasted quality time in an unhappy relationship. And now all I can think of is the time, the resources I wasted. The beautiful people I pushed away because of the sacrifices I made for someone who wasn’t worth it. So I have been an object to a mental domestic abuse it almost killed me. A friend once said that worst kind of domestic abuse is the mental one, because then the scars cannot be seen, and most people suffer in silence.

I urge you, get out of any relationship that makes you feel lesser, physically, psychologically and emotionally. If you think that you cannot do better, that you are nothing without him or her. Well do yourself a favour, take a break for a while meet different people and different culture. Everyone has a match, it might take a while, and it might not be a perfect relationship, but it would be worth it. To feel good about yourself, to be loved sincerely and passionately. Know that life is not always negative, there is a whole lot out there, so decide to be happy and “don’t let the sun stay bruised”

I leave you be….

This article is written by Lima Liaz and A sunflower

Word for the day РEnam̩

The flame in the rain*…

Take a look around you, what do you see?

A life full of hope, or a life with regrets, a life full of fun, a soulful life, a livid stream, a pretty hill, a crooked path. What do you see?
I see a lonely Delta ,walking on a crooked path meet a life full of hope and becomes a smiling river. Life is uncertainty that I’m sure of, you never know, a lonely Delta can by tomorrow be a joyful ocean. You really can’t say. 
What path do you see yourself on , a crooked or straight path. But know this, life is not always crooked or straight it can be slanted. The same way not everything is black and white it can grey… Grey, grey, grey she doesn’t stay around much, so maybe it will be sage to pick between white and black. Grey is complicated, sometimes you get tired of her. So yes perhaps sometimes choosing between black and white is the shrewdest thing. Living with “regret” is the worst, sometimes it breeds secret the other half. But then secrets have weight the more you keep, the harder it is to keep moving on. They weigh you down, my defination of a free man, is one who has no secrets or has no one to care about. A man who is alone, a lonely island. But then you don’t find that everywhere “do you”.
Even if we are not so free men, we are still able to make choices. So do not settle for less or regret. Even if you’re so much a rebuked Delta, there is still hope that you can be a plausible Ocean, patience is needed sometimes to build and grow. Though sparks can fly but can flame do the same, and so there are the headstrong flames that refuse to give up because they know what they want. What are you?. 
So sometimes I find myself intrigued by “the flame in the rain”.
I leave you be….
Words of seamless ‘may…
PIQUED – Word for today.

The believe that “the leaves will stay green”…

Takes the power of happiness in your own hands. Gratitude and hope are the two key to happinessbeing thankful for the little you have , for the obstacles you’ve overcomed, the trials and tribulations you’ve survived, and lived and still living to tell.
Hope” believing that even though times are hard or might be difficult. That you will and you MUST survive and breakthrough and it’s all for a little while, that it will definitely get better. Graditude that you still have life in you and so you can still hope for a positive changeSadnesscoldnesslividity,and wite, they all emmit negative energy. The truth is other people you see, that seem fine and happy on the outside, many a times it’s only a mask and they have their own issues too, and they do not feel any different from you, so they are desperately looking for warmthacceptanceloving and less dramatic people to be with especially when their masks wear off. Everyone want to be around people that do not emmit so much coldness, anger, and do not wear their problems everyday, every time, and everywhere. You should try not to be filled with fret all the time or be sardonic, and try not to be irked by other people‘s success. Everybody deserves to be treated nicely and appreciated.
So if you find your self in this situation, get over yourself and “believe“. Most people that are consumed by anger and dole have lost faith and have stopped believing. So at try to at least believe that “the trees will stay green.                                                        I leave you be…

Words of seamless ‘may…

Ebullience“- word for the day.







The leaves go “grey”*…

How does a beautiful, blissful, graceful flower grow thorns? How does that ever happen?
How do we see beauty, love, kindness and still take a stroll with, sadness, pain, wickedness? Is it being human or being shallow?

How is it that we neglect the truth, and accept lies, heartbreaks and dole filled life? Is it being curious or being stupid?

Perhaps we are just designed to sometimes find the wrong things “Plausive” and the good things “bland“.

And why is it that sometimes we try so hard to fight evil and live right, but we find ourselves sharing a glass of wine with evil itself. Perhaps it’s a “conation“.

These questions have no exact answer because, there are times we find ourselves in a state of dilemma. Curiosity is a natural human drive. Many a times we design some sort of defense mechanism to curb our human drive. But then what happens when curiosity kills the cat.

Then we are left with faith, one of the least realistic patterns of life. Those that believe in God or gods ask for some kind of miracle, those that believe in will power hold on to it, those who believe basically in the concept of good and evil, hope for a change, those who believe in philosophy find a reason to stay strong. Everyone relies on their faith or whatever they believe in, to make them stronger. Faith helps sometimes because it gives hope, though when it’s abused there is no moving forward.

Yes, life is confusing sometimes and the impossible sometimes become the possible. But that’s the fun in it, not being able to predict everything. Though It sucks sometimes, when things don’t work out as you’ve planned them to. But then it’s life, somethings remain mystical, and we are married to thoughts of how “the leaves go grey“.

I leave you be…

Words of seamless ‘may…

“CONATION”- word for today…

Beneath the bookshelf*…

Can you always have your wayCan you runaway from all your pains, dole and heartache?
Is it ever possible to always choose your fateIs it reallyPerhaps for others, the dreamers. The ones who have the urge to evince to the world, that they’re are in charge. But if you are truly living in reality you would concede to the fact that, that’s false living… Because if we truly always choose our fate things would be a lot different I tell you.
But then knowing all is bland, isn’t it. Some of us are very expressive because it made us feel free, you know “light“. But here‘s the irony of it all. No one is truly free, we are all bounded to a phase of life, at a particular period of our life.
If everyone is truly free, why can’t everyone always choose if they die or live both in mind and bodydecide who to trust and not be deceived, to be loved or hated, or choose to be rich or poor.. Motivational speakers will tell you being rich or pooris a thing of the mind, that doesn’t apply to real life situations, why isn’t everyone RICH. You see, there has to be a strike of balance. You could try to change your situation, we have a freedom of choice to an extent. But life would always happen and certain things would seem very unfair. And we can barely do anything about it , and that’s when we get that, no one is truly free
But then barely is enough, to come to terms with circumstances,and deal with situations we find ourselves in. Barely is enough to start all over or make a positive changeBarely is enough to be hopeful for a better tomorrow and, work towards it.
So therefore we realize most times that our true essenceworth and place in life are sometimes hidden ” beneath the bookshelf          

I leave you be...

Words of seamless may.

“VEHEMENT” -word for the day…

Why wite fate*….

Sometimes I get angry with life for existing in this judgemental and shallow world, and era. I strongly felt life would be a lot easier if I existed in the era when things that really mattered mattered. But then the same me get grateful for existing when something awesome happens, or I meet someone terrific.

It is not true that the world is exactly shallow and sick, nor is it true that the world is beautiful and perfect, basically it’s just a little bit of everything.Though I know that we all might concede to the fact that there are indeed good times and bad times, but there are normal times when things stay sane and stable. It sucks not to be in control sometimes, but its okay not to be in control sometimes, it’s okay not to happy sometimes, it’s alright to be sober, sad, or depressed sometimes.

But it is not okay to stay in those situations, it is not okay not to move on and let you life remain stagnant,and so many drama, favour and goodies walk over you and by the time you jerk back to reality you discover that you just missed the bus. That would suck wouldn’t it, you might console yourself and say you’ll take the next bus, but then you do not know if that would be forthcoming. It is not okay for you to do nothing, you need to evince a place in life, quit being a “FLOTSAM” .

Yes life is not always what we want it to be or doesn’t always appear the way we want it to. But then there are is Something called “moving on” it’s okay to be livid with life, because of the situation we find ourselves in or perhaps because of the way our lives have turned out to be. But it is not okay to STAY livid. So life is what we make of it. Being happy or sad is not a choice, but staying happy or sad IS.

The truth of it all is Time is a Quinessence of life and it never baised, he would keep moving irrespective of whatever reputation or status you occupy. Some people say time can be bought, but only for a while you see, only for a while. We sometimes believe that things are fated to happen, but then ” WHY WITE FATE “for your existence. She’s only a Soldier who follows orders, but then we are an army 

I leave you be…

  Words of seamless may.